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Hi everyone, in this article information is about game THE ALCHEMIST CODE. This game have 1,000,000 plus downloads and 105,586 reviews its mean it is amazing game. People like this game because of its attractive and fabulous graphics. THE ALCHEMIST CODE APK also download from MOBOAPK.

This game is basically designed for Japanese’s mobile game players RGPs which is download by million of Japanese’s and enjoy it. ALCHEMIST CODE is most trending game application in JAPAN. To enumerate, it will many million downloads. The Alchemist Code bring interest of people because of 3D animations, high level music and sound effects last but not least voice acting in amazing style. If you open moboapk for the latest to old version or updated APK THE ALCHEMEST CODE just click on application and then click on the download button showcased above.

People play there power cards in this game and change the world with there power of master alchemy card.

Features of THE ALCHEMIST CODE Game apk:


Battle in the classic environment turn based on number in the special grid-based movement. Strong command strategy consider all the facts and figures to fix the next battle.

Best Character Customization:

50 plus unique, attractive, beautiful, elegant, and best collections to design characters. By playing unlock more outfits looks and cloths, and abilities of characters.

Play with friends and Against Them:

In this game at real time total four players can play. Its mean 3 opponents can be in game at one time. This mode will be when you want to play against your friends. If you want to play with your friends or you want to make your team against enemy the you have to play arena battle achieve the arena targets and get awards.

Expansive ALCHEMIST CODE Design:

Game has stunning effects, adventures and different landscape look. Best High Resolution quality Graphics, mission designed, challenges and rewards.


The Alchemy provides the details about the ideals of world divided. We can say the wars of destructions in the world which divided people is just because of different idealism theory, which is explained by the alchemy. Alchemy closed the whole story in seven kingdoms of babel. Which may be or cannot be open.This shows the signs of weakening, signaling an not worthy what will be brings out. Alchemy tells that your will power will take you that what are you thinking and making effort for it.
– Mankind’s Will is merely at the mercy of the Stones of Gods –

Other Amazing Options of THE ALCHEMIST APK:

Following are best features of GAME THE ALCHEMIST given below.

  • Have High Range of character customization as compared to other games.
  • Character act with voice effects naturally.
  • Maximum four players.


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Important Before Installing APK THE ALCHEMIST CODE:

  • It will install only those devices having android 6.0 or above from it.
  • Minimum 2GB ram is required to run this game smoothly otherwise this game will not run smoothly .
  • Minimum 1.8GB free space in your phone(internal storage) is recommended.
  • Game also required permission to access your phone photo and media files to your phone. You can manage your space by allow game data will save on the SD card in your phone

Download FREE APK of  game THE ALCHEMIST CODE enjoy this game and its amazing features. For more updates and latest version THE ALCHEMIST CODE apk download subscribe to notifications CLICK on red bell icons. Indeed , it will be trending game in the future for example Clash of clans,Clash rolaye,Lord Mobile apk and many more etc

Why should you go for THE ALCHEMIST CODE apk to download from our platform?

Why should you download the application from our platform?

Because we provide you the following:

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The Alchemist Code Latest Version

The Alchemist Code v4. 44.6 MB)

You can also go for THE ALCHEMIST CODE apk download from: Playstore

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