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Being a part of the 21st century, you must be one of those who love playing games. If you are not dead and are normal, you must have heard about the game apps that have become the most popular game app of the App store. Yes, I am talking about the most famous game Coin master. When it comes to Coin master there are two kinds of people. One who is addicted to it and the one who hates everything it stands for. Well, in both cases if you are not familiar with any of the things, here I have come up with amazing information about the game.

What is Coin Master?

It’s been ten years; the game is part of our lives. Yes, it was released in 2010. A year ago, the company Moon actively uploaded a new trailer of this amazing game on YouTube and in a year it has become a part of social media. As this game gets popular, everyone wants to know about it. Well, here in this article you will know how to play Coin master.

How to play Coin Master?

Well, do you want to know how to play the game? So, here is the information.
In 2010, the game was far different from what it is now. You with the time collect spins, and you spend it to spin a slot machine. This can yield coins, attacks, shields or more spins. Coins are the essential thing of this game.

Raiding and Village building you

Do you know what? There is an amazing feature in the game. Yes, its village building. You can use the coins that you get from the spin to build different buildings in your village. Well, there is no use of those buildings, this is what I think. You just gain stars, when you upgrade the building. Oh yes, when your attacks and raids and whatever you get from the slot machine, you get to attack and raid other people’s villages to get more coins.

Playing with friends

So, here comes another amazing feature, yes you can play this game with your friends. Why need to talk to the stranger? Yes, you can connect your Facebook account with the game and do what a social mobile game can do. Isn’t this interesting? You can piss off your friends by spamming them with game invites or ask your friends to give you free stuff in the game, or attack/raid their villages.

Cards for Trading

Here comes something more interesting. Yes, there are also trading cards in the game, because why the heck not? Apart from building up your village or getting it repaired, coins can also be used to buy chests. You know what? There are three diverse chests you can buy, which contain different amounts of collectible cards.
Coins and Stars

Well, if you are playing this game continuously then you will be getting more chances to win tons of coins and stars. Well, you are going to be rich. All of us love huge numbers when it comes to things like coins or stars. You must get ready to spin the slot machine for payouts of up to tens of millions of coins. Hi, wait let me remind you here that the coins do nothing but make it easier for you to get more coins. Also, the stars do nothing.


I know you might be wondering about the villages. But you know what happens when you finish upgrading your village buildings to the maximum level? Yes, you can unlock a different village, where you can start your upgrading once again.


Want to know what else is there, want to know? Well, if you’re impatient and want to get lots of coins faster than you already can in the game, no need to worry when I am here. You can give away all your hard-earned cash into the game, and just buy more coins.

Features of Coin Master

So want to know the amazing features of the game?

Coin master is the game that has excellent graphics and is easy to play. The game does not require any complicated skills and is also not time-bound. The game cannot be played offline. Coin Master is fun for all age groups. If you are addicted to this game you can’t leave it. It’s an interesting brain exercise with nice background music. The best part is you can connect it with your Facebook account. This leads to the fact that you can play it with your friends. Isn’t this amazing?

Coin Master Latest Version

Coin Master v3.5.44 (Size: 59.6 MB)

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