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Water Flow Fountain 3d Puzzle

The water flow fountain 3d puzzle is a constructive puzzle game with different stages and levels. The game contains 300 different puzzles with challenging levels. The game challenges the players to make a path for water from its origin to the waterfall. The game is simple and teaches new techniques. It tests logic through difficult levels.

A good game requires some exciting challenges, nice graphics/ animations, effortless controls, new and interesting features. The water flow fountain 3d puzzle has all these attributes making it an excellent choice for all gamers. The idea of the game is different than many puzzle games. It’s a new vision with exciting milestones that can be achieved by testing one’s logic and intellect. It’s an addictive game and also kids friendly. Having simple challenges in the game makes it easy for kids as well it’s a good brain exercise for kids making them think for the harder levels. No time limit also makes it easier for the kids to play and learn.


The game has got excellent graphics and is easy to play. The game does not require any complicated skills and is also not time-bound. The game can be played offline. Water flow fountain 3d puzzle is fun for all age groups because of its versatile game modes having easy as well as difficult challenges. It’s an interesting brain exercise with nice background music, the sound of water flow itself makes the game pretty satisfying to play.

Game modes

Water flow fountain 3d puzzle includes different game modes including many challenging stages having difficulty from easy to master level. The game is divided into 9 different modes of puzzles with each mode containing 50 puzzles. Game modes include 350 free puzzles divided into 6 modes (basic, pools, easy hard and mix) while 150 puzzles divided in 3 game modes (master, genius, and maniac) can be unlocked from the store. The game also provides hints as solutions can be found by clicking the light bulb icon.

The game starts from easy levels to make a path for 1 fountain. The next levels include making a path for a number of fountains from one source of water. A further difficulty is increased by dividing a level in different colors of water to reach their respective color fountain. Further, these levels are made challenging the increasing the size of the board making it harder. With these challenges, levels are made exciting by adding hurdles, mazes, limited blocks, pipes, etc.


The main goal is to take the water from the source to the destination. It works by moving the blocks and making a path for water to reach the fountain and create a waterfall. It’s easy to play as the controls are select and drag. The board is 3d and can be moved by swiping fingers left or right.

I recommend water flow as it’s not only a constructive game but also its fun and satisfying. The game not only improves brain skills by solving the puzzles using new strategies. But it’s also relaxing as it is extremely satisfying to watch. When a puzzle is complete, the water flows from the maze to become a waterfall which is satisfying to watch.

Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle Latest Version 1.1

Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle v1.1 (Size: 22.2 MB)

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