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“Learn a new language to get a new soul as language is the blood of the soul into which opinions run and out of which they grow.  Language is a road map of a culture by which you can tell where the person came from and where they are going”

Which mobile app will be the best helper for Chinese learners? We all are aware of the fact that there are tons of amazing android app which can be used for Chinese learning. The methodologies used to teach the Chinese language differ in each app as well as there is limited expediency depending on the goals and habits of a learner. Whether you want to learn Standard Chinese or Mandarin for a work promotion, a tour, a course, you want it to be Wánshàn (perfect)– that’s easy! You don’t have to spend months struggling to accomplish your goal. Learn Chinese – hello Chinese is a Game-based app that will never let you get bored and make your learning much easier than you thought. It doesn’t matter where you stand on basic or intermediate skill level rather it depends on how much hard work you can do. The key to using this app for learning is to find what works for you, and what doesn’t. You can choose among the Chinese learning app by their strengths and weaknesses. By knowing the purpose and main methodology of this app learn Chinese you will save your time and energy.

Policies Behind “Learn Chinese – Hello Chinese”

The Chinese learners often come across difficulties while mastering the language, the Chinese language is the most difficult language in the world to write and speak. This app Hello Chinese is tailored to help beginners to quickly learn from different aspects. If the knowledge is game-based learning, it becomes more interesting and fun to acquire.  As mentioned earlier Learning the Chinese language is too difficult, but Hello Chinese has made it easy with its curriculum. The program has been designed with a learning curve in mind, simply follow the path and you’ll be getting to grips with Chinese in no time!

If you lose motivation too easily, don’t worry, Hello Chinese offers bite-sized game-based lessons. Each lesson just takes 10 minutes to complete. The app utilizes collaborative and miscellaneous question models to keep you hooked. The best part is that now you can learn Chinese anytime, anywhere by not getting bored. YOU CAN! Improve your speaking skills without a teacher. HOW? The most exciting part of Hello Chinese! Perfect speech recognition helps you correct your pronunciation.

Do you find Chinese characters too hard to learn? YES! All do, the Hello Chinese app uses leading-edge Chinese handwriting expertise so you can write characters easily by using your finger. Moreover, exciting description of radicals is also provided for every character that helps you enhance your character’s learning ability!

How Do You Get The Most Out Of Hello Chinese Language Apps?

The big top-secret is discipline, I would recommend you to download only one app so you can fully concentrate on what your goals are rather than the quality of the app.  Your first choice should be perfect and believe in your choice fully. The Hello Chinese app is level based on just 15 minutes, complete one level in a day. Try to practice that level again and again. Like in the first level of this Chinese learning app they teach you just four words, help you make sentences from them.

HELLO – Nǐ hǎo

ME – wǒ

YOU – nín

GOODBYE – zàijiàn

If you practice these words, use them in your daily speech, you will become an expert. The Hello Chinese app helps you talk to professionals as well, which makes your pronunciation proficient.

What To Consider When Picking A Chinese Learning App

When you are selecting an app either for games or for learning, it is not much different from the shopping form market. There are bundles of optional apps to Learn Chinese that make you get confused and annoyed when you are unaware of what you’re looking for. List your priority on a page and make sure you know which level you’re in. here we can help you with some factors which can be considered while selecting Learn Chinese App. These all factors are present in Hello Chinese app, best to recommend.

To overcome the fear of learning Chinese, Hello Chinese is a powerful learning tool that can help you. This Chinese learning app emphasis daily life topic, if you are a beginner you can still learn from this app. This app allows you to check automatically if your pronunciation is correct by recording and listening to your voice. The studying process is precise and learners are not overwhelmed with information. What`s more! There are many quizzes to help you fuse all that you have learned.


  • CONVENIENCE: The Hello Chinese learning app that also works offline, so you can learn anywhere at any time. Before downloading, check out the reviews that will help you know whether it is joy or pain. The curriculum is carefully designed by teachers having 10+ years of teaching experience in the Chinese language. Even the Hello Chinese app has a cooler game; you can switch by tapping the upper-left icon in the “Learn” page.
  • TEACH ENERGETICALLY: the Hello Chinese language app consists of the best application; they don’t have a dead and dull translation tool. The app has a great methodology, best key learning goals. The app is fun to use; it is game-based, has quizzes and simple question-and-answer for engaging learners.
  • STAGES: The app has different levels depending on the level of learners. The Chinese learning app has a different level or stage for beginners and professionals. This helps to give structured learning, averts you from getting overwhelmed and inspires you to “level-up.”
  • ORGANIZED COURSES: the curriculum of Hello Chinese language app is based on HSK levels. Secondly, the Bite-sized curriculum is there to strengthen your Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. It offers typical Chinese audio spoken that is strictly taught by native speakers. Some levels are arranged accordingly in an organized course.
  • NO LOAD: Hello Chinese learning app is very small-sized, just 19M, which will not give much load to your mobile. The current version that is recently updated is 5.2.7, which is best so far. The new course is also updated recently which has 1000+ words and 240+ grammar points.


Language is not a tool but it is a way to express your self, a way of thinking and a way to communicate with people of other cultures. If you get a chance to travel or study in China, it would be really difficult to survive if you don’t understand the language of those people. As a professional, if you want to communicate with Chinese you should know their culture, work environment and way of expression for this you have to learn the Chinese language.

Overall, the HELLO CHINESE language app is best to learn as it is easy to use as it has levels for beginners to professionals and especially it is game-based learning. The app is just 19M in size and doesn’t have much load. The Current updated Version is 5.2.7.

Learn Chinese Hello Chinese Latest Version 5.3.2

Learn Chinese Hello Chinese v5.3.2 (Size: 19.1 MB)

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