Internet Speed Meter Lite

Internet Speed Meter Lite APK

Internet speed is matters nowadays all over the world. As every person using the internet for communication, sharing files, social media applications, Online Gaming, Entrainment, news, events, research, e-commerce business, tools, learning, study, job search and many more etc. For all this use internet speed very matters, you can check or track your internet speed whenever you are using the internet. Just open MOBOAPK website search for application INTERNET SPEED METER LITE and open it.  This application INTERNET SPEED METER LITE APK is best because it is easy in use and this adds free application. Speed meters help to monitor your internet connection while using your device.

Lite features of Internet Speed Meter Lite APK

This application provides you data on real times values, not fake data or old data. Every time INTERNET SPEED METER LITE APPLICATION they will provide you updated data in your status bar and notification. You can monitor your daily traffic usage by using this application. Amazing feature you can separate statistics of mobile data usage and WIFI usage of internet. Best thing this application maintains the history of compare your data usage of 30 days or for a month. This application do not drain your battery because this application highly optimize and best in the use.

Pro Features of Internet Speed Meter Lite APK

Notifications will not see all the times which makes irritate to users, it will only appear when you open the notifications have which is an excellent feature for the users. Proper visual statistics you can see and check of last-minute internet activity. Internet speed meter applications maintains the proper time and usage for the present sessions. Proper applications wise details which applications take more usage of internet connection and which application taking less usage of internet. Usually games have more usage as compare to applications because heavy games with high-resolution graphic have more usage of internet because of there high-resolution graphics which you can monitor by this application INTERNET SPEED METER LITE.

Smarter Notification Application APK

Internet Speed meter application has its own setting. Generally you will get notification when internet is connected but you can change it from its setting, change the priority level of the notification or you can simply hide the notifications. But notifications will tell the latest features of this applications which are improved when applications releases its new latest updated version of INTERNET SPEED METER APK LATEST VERSION.

Customize Screen Appearance

This application have the feature to customize the appearance or look of application. Select the color theme manually which you feel better makes better look to your eyes.


This application gives the choice to user in blue and white icon of status bar only in the Kitkat and below versions.

Check Upload and Download Speed

As we download different applications for different purposes and games for enjoyment. There are many applications which have large APK file and games which have large APK file and as well as heavy data file so we can monitor there download speed. Also uploading speed monitor in the case of uploading as we upload documents, pictures, videos, and many more things while using different applications.

Important! (Warning)

Do not move this application into your external storage or sd card because it will stop working and close automatically.

APPLICATION INTERNET SPEED METER LITE APK. Click on the red bell icon on the left bottom screen for getting notifications of new versions and new applications on the MOBOAPK store.

Why should you go for INTERNET SPEED METER LITE APK to install from our platform?

Why should you install this game from our platform?

Because we provide you the following:

  • Direct links such as the server is not involved.
  • Original file without any personal modification.
  • Assurance that there is no INTERNET SPEED METER LITE APK hacks/cheats provided with the application.

Internet Speed Meter Lite Latest Version 1.2.16

Internet Speed Meter APK v1.2.16 (Size: 1.46 MB)

You can also go for INTERNET SPEED METER LITE APK install from: play store

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