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Rise Up Apk Game

Rise Up is a fun game of skill where you control a shield with your finger and your mission is to prevent a tiny balloon from getting popped. This fun adventure will put your skills, reaction times, and dexterity to the test, while providing hours of fun as you’re glued to your screen.

The gameplay is simple. You just have to touch the screen to control the shield and slide your finger where you need it to go. Since the movement is completely free, you can go to any point on the screen to save your balloon. As your balloon continues rising higher and higher, the obstacles will get more complex and harder to avoid. You’ll find all sorts of elements that will move all over the place at different speeds, so you can’t take your eye off the screen for even a second if you want your balloon to make it out safe and sound.

The Rise Up app is a fun time wasting game that is easy to play, but incredibly challenging as you go further. Rise Up is addicting and you can play for free with ads in between games.

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Objective Of Rise Up Apk

Your score depends on how high your balloon makes it, so you need to make sure you protect it from everything so you can get the highest score possible. If you get tired of the free mode, Rise Up also offers a series of specific levels to put you to the test and where you have to pay as much attention to the screen as humanly possible.

What’s Rise Up Game About?

As a simple physics-based arcade game, RISE UP doesn’t have a story. Instead, you have to move a protective circle around the screen in an attempt to save a balloon that’ll pop if it’s hit by objects flying at it from the sides or top of the screen. While everything that appears in the game is subjected to the laws of physics and gravity, players will need to stay alert to avoid hazards and get the balloon to float as high as possible.

While this physics-based arcade game can amuse in quick bursts, it’s also the same thing over and over, which becomes extremely tedious. In Rise Up, you use the touchscreen to move a circle in just the right place to prevent things shooting from the side or falling from the top of the screen from popping a balloon. This all happens with the assistance of gravity and physics on each object. While this is rather clever, and there are a lot of different geometric shapes that can kill your balloon — including blocks, circles, lines, and so on — the action is the same every time. This is why this gets redundant rather quickly. Sure, it has a “challenge” section where things get really hard, but even this mode doesn’t have enough variety to keep the game from being repetitive. It also doesn’t help that the game is silent — no music, no sound effects, no nothing — but the video ads, which pop up randomly, have both, and are thus more glaring by contrast. All of which is why that balloon is doomed, and Rise Up is a game you won’t play very long.

Rise Up Apk Tips And Tricks

Level up higher with these Rise Up tips and tricks.

You can get further in the game with practice and a few Rise Up tips and tricks. Here is the Rise Up tricks that you need to get a higher score.

  • Don’t Put Your Finger on the Ball– Keep your finger away from the ball so you can see every angle where something may be coming at the balloon.
  • Swipe to the Side or Down– It’s tempting to throw obstacles up and away, but it is safer to push them to the sides or down and away. What comes up, must come down.
  • Combo Block When You Can– Don’t try to knock out all obstacles with the blocker ball. Use one big obstacle to clear out a whole path.
  • Play Challenges– If you want to prep for new obstacle types, play the challenges so you aren’t as surprised when they arrive and you are on a streak.

Watch out for any sites that promise unlimited Rise Up lives, or to make you invincible. Most of the time sites like this will ask you to sign up for a service to verify that you are human. This is just so they can make money on you, and will not result in any kind of Rise Up hack or cheat that works.

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Rise Up Latest Version 2.0.0

Rise Up APK v2.0.0 (Size: 38 MB)

You can also go for Rise Up APK install from: play store

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