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You don’t need to have a scanner and printer in bulk to scan important office documents, as nowadays most smartphones come with a high-quality camera. It is now possible for you to scan documents in high quality by using any one of the best document scanner apps. Furthermore, scanning PDFs documents with your smartphone can be a faster process than using a desktop scanner. There are few advantages of current Android scanner apps that are they provide powerful editing features, let you access documents from the cloud, and sometimes come with OCR support. Now smartphones are useful for so many things and are manufactured with highly improved technology. One of the less classic use is digitizing documents like scanning forms into PDF format. Worries are over, as here in this Tap Scanner review we have discussed specifications of one of the best document scanner app for Android!


Tap Scanner is one of the free PDF scanners that easily handles images and documents. It also comes with AutoDetect features to guarantee that any image is appropriately line up. Moreover, the Tap Scanner app also contains an OCR function to convert images to text and supports over 100 languages in case if you want to save as PDF or PNG files. The free Tap Scanner app version contains ads, which you can remove for $5.00 a month, or $20.0 a year. Tap Scanner free app is an impressive app with high-level functionality, which has covered all of your business needs easily. As such, there is no flaw but the only drawback is that it requires an account to set up and you have to pay to for removing ads and unleash its full potential.

The Tap Scanner powerful OCR is pretty impressive, which quickly and accurately recognize text and convert it into a digital document. You have to just point your camera at the document you want to scan, take a snapshot, and see the results yourself. Furthermore, this app also has the photo-scanning ability, it won’t make you look like what you are, but the ability to upload a photo, and then crop and edit it with ease collide with harmony with us. Every app can have some positive aspects and some negative ones, as we know nothing can be perfect everything needs improvement with time. This Tap Scanner app also has some small drawback that is you can’t edit documents without hiding ads and creative cloud subscriptions.


  • The app will Auto detect the merging or border of the documents automatically, which makes it brilliant to use.
  • The Tap Scanner app also provides an image scan that gives hog quality resolution with various straining process.
  • This app provides easy managing and finds the scanned documents for the user-friendly search engine.
  • Optical character recognition codes are also present in this app with recognition of over 110 languages in the world.
  • This Tap Scanner app also has a cloud integration, there is a backup and synchronization process.
  • The app is used to scan documents, receipts and business cards
  • It contains Auto detect borders
  • The app contains many filters to fine-tune the image to reach perfection
  • This Tap Scanner app can easily manage your documents
  • It is designed with a high-quality PDF or PNG output for better results


  • The Tap Scanner app is designed with multi-functional properties and able to provide all kinds of uses.
  • The app can easily adjust the quality of the scan so the text can look sharp and crisp
  • The app contains editing tools that you can use for better results
  • The scanned documents can be shared by sending the document link by email, or any social media forum
  • The app also supports Air Print
  • Your documents can be secured with a passcode if you are using this Tap Scanner app.


  • The Tap Scanner Free app has several in-app purchases, which makes it quite expensive.
  • The free app also contains several ads that make your scanning process slow.


Tap Scanner app is one of the most powerful document editors for the consumer market. This app is becoming one of the highly reviewed Scanner apps among customers. This app is used to scan your documents, receipts and business cards and also have compatible to work with MS Office applications and allows you to convert documents to PDF files.

Scanner App To PDF - TapScanner v2.0.77 (Size: 15.6 MB)

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