SHADOWGUN LEGENDS – FPS PvP and Coop Shooting Game


Have you ever got a chance to play console-quality shooters on mobile? NO, don’t worry! The wait is over as Shadowgun Legends Games is finally here. Madfinger Games have accomplished to push the boundaries of what games are imaginable on mobile devices! Shadowgun Legends shooting game is a ground-breaking android shooter, an emerging vision that mobile phones are competent to run console-style shooters games. It would not be wrong to say that shadowgun legends have become the talk of the town and are the eagerly popular franchise of enthralling shooters.

Gear of war, surrounded by aliens

Face real challenge

Meet your enemy, shoot them to death

Overwhelming amounts of gear and cosmetics

Fight hard, party harder

Mission accomplished! Get your reward

If you’re not acquainted with the series, it revolves around a band of soldiers called Shadowguns. Earth is under constant attack, with all the heroes dead, only a group of mercenaries who hunt down and kill aliens called “The Torment”. The Torment came from an unknown place and for an unknown reason. It’s all Gears of War, the world needs more than just warriors, but it needs legends. The inspiration is drawn from the earlier 2 games in the series, which lead to unraveling an immersive action-packed story as you crawl to the levels of star status. Shadowgun legends shooting the game latest sequel in the worldwide hit game authorization adds a whole new dimension, with elements of character games and full role-playing customization. The game has over 1000 weapons pieces and over 200 cosmetic items; you can be any character of your own choice.

If you’ve ever come across any mobile FPS game before, then handling shadowgun shooting game will need minimal tuition to play. To look around you need just a swipe of the left thumb, for the movement you will be using your right thumb. The firing is automatized if you stick with the default settings. Graphically, this shooting game is an absolute powerhouse that shot for accessibility and simplicity. Moreover, you have to learn a few commands to get your head around. By double-tapping on the screen will make you aim at the target, just like this there are further commands down the line. You can use cybernetic buttons for extra skills, such as grenade tossing, crouch, and jump. The developer’s part, it was a shrewd move to keep things streamlined. This makes the Shadowgun Legends game a good fit for mobile and has made it more sophisticated.


Shadowgun game is a free-to-play business model, which means there is no need to pay for any aspect of it unless you want to. You can get entirely everything without handing over a single real-world currency, but if you can afford then pay to upgrade your inventory. Being the cheapest purchase in-app it grants you more than 80 inventory slots that flash up every time you attempt to claim the spoils from a completed solo mission.


Shadowgun Legends, players can be equipped with three firearms to take into the multiplayer battlefield.  You have the freedom to choose favorite trio and cling, counterattack the impulse to stick to your armaments as some blasters are more useful than others in specific situations.

As some weapons are best suited to solo campaigners while others are essential for multiplayer, so be accurate about your choices. You can also experiment with unlocking the special items, as you progress through the levels. If you have been a first-person shooter, you will be aware of frag grenades as they are a good starting point for beginners.


Here you go with the best trick, help you level up a little bit faster, always go for headshots when playing in battle mode. If you can successfully get the accurate headshots which will result in more ranking points by completing the mission. Secondly, by taking headshots you’ll kill your foes much faster.

This strategy is best to use in a solo campaign, but don’t attempt to carry this strategy over into the multiplayer battlefield.



Long-time, but now finally the wait is over and it is out of beta! SHADOWGUN LEGENDS is the latest popular franchise of energetic shooters.

The game has bought out the new exciting features to the era of mainframe shooting mobile game, while still keeping to the formula of series making it a global marvel. The game also has innate manager support.


Gameplay has advance features of role-playing games such as the game includes full charisma customization and hundreds of free items that you can mix and match. You have freedom of choice to pick from a collection of hundreds of handguns, machine guns, rummages, and launchers.

A store that spans from lead explosive and plasma beams, so you can create your own armor sets.  You can also pick skills that can be modified and fit to your very own play style. Be your trooper and become a true legend!


Legends reinforce their players with a truly unique incentive system, which means your performance in various missions increases your legend’s fame. The fame can be achieved by an in-game metric system as well as a precise display of your ability.

You can become truly famous among your peers by interacting with them in shadowgun legends on a whole new level. You can also gear up in collective missions and leagues with friends and with other players.  You have the freedom to choose between fame and notoriety in the wide range of player-versus-player fields. When you will dominate the competition, everyone will get proof of your being the best of the best.


Story of the Shadowgun legends shooting game, which revolves around a single player completing 200 missions, each mission leads to big rewards. The reward can be further used to unlock more weapons, gear, and skills. The impressive graphics and thrilling missions are catching the attention of game lovers.

Overall I find this mobile game very interesting, you easily get addicted for some time. I would like to say that the appeal of shadowgun legends shooting games not last that long but everyone should try it once. The amazing graphics and challenging missions have succeeded to attract your attention to the game.  MADFINGER Games are always the talk of the town; they always thrive to come up with an innovative idea. If you love to play online shooting battlefield game then I would recommend you to once give a try to shadowgun legends game. Don’t wait! Take a step to download the most trending game, SHADOWGUN LEGENDS.

SHADOWGUN LEGENDS – FPS PvP and Coop Shooting Game Latest Version 1.0.2

SHADOWGUN LEGENDS - FPS PvP and Coop Shooting Game v1.0.2

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