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Hi everyone, today article will be very helpful because it is about the application, from which you can share your data with your friends, Family, Colleagues. Application name is  Share all: Fast File Transfer & Data Sharing 2019. Now you can download APK of share all: Fast File Transfer & Data Sharing 2019 from MOBOAPK.

Shareall: Fast File Transfer & Data Sharing 2019 APK the current version is 1.0.0, in future, you will get updates with more features of this application, so tunes and update with moboapk. This application allows to share data of every type, either it is a song, audio, video, movies, clips, images, zip files,  documents, pdfs, different software’s files and many more etc.

One of the most important and amazing features of this application is that there is no limit of file size, you can share your file without no fear of size.

Unique And Best Features Of Shareall APK:

Best Speed Transfer File Sharing/Data Sharing using Shareall APK:

Faster than Bluetooth transfer. This application is well designed with great development logics so that data transfer with high speed of 20M without losing the connection or breakage of the connection during data transfer.


You can also check the history of data transfer of file Sharing, both file/ folder received history and file/ folder send history.

No Internet:

There is no need for any network or internet connection while sharing the file

No Cables:

There is no need for any wire or cable to connect devices for sharing data. Just both devices have to install this awesome application.

Screen Lock/Closed File Sharing:

One of the surprising feature of shareall: File Transfer & Data Sharing 2019 is if you close or lock the screen of your mobile, Tab or any other android gadget the file transfer will remain to, to continue it will not stop, till it will stop/pause or it will stop on finishing.

Download Free Shareall: File Transfer & Data Sharing 2019 APK. Enjoy this application because you can share your data in second in now. You Can download the latest and updated version of Shareall: file transfer & Data Sharing 2019 application. There are more applications on moboapk which are providing similar services as shareall: file transfer & Data Sharing 2019 application providing such as Shareit, Dropbox, etc.

Why should you go for Share All APK to download from our platform?

Why should you download the application from our platform?

Because we provide you the following:

  • Direct linkssuch as the server is not involved.
  • Assurance that there is fake application and neither we upload mod file.
  • Original APK only provided.

Share All Latest Version 1.0.0

Share All v1.0.0 (Size: 19.1 MB)

You can also go for Shareall: file transfer & Data Sharing 2019 download from: Playstore

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