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Hi everyone, in this article we will inform you about the distinctions of WhatsApp app coupled with the instructions of how you can download it from moboapk.

WhatsApp is a trending social application. To enumerate, it has over 10 million+ downloads. If you are here at moboapk for the latest or old version of WhatsApp app download, then don’t wait and click on the download button showcased above.

Peculiar Features of WhatsApp Application apk:

We live in this world where every person is busy in his or her own respective lives and such busy lives at times also forms the basis of distances. But we live in a world of technology where distance is no more a problem because technology has managed to match its space along with the requirements of people. In all this scenario, socialization is a very important aspect of society because this is one of the most significant needs of human. There are a number of applications available in the market for the purpose of socialization and reducing distances. But WhatsApp is one of the applications that stand out among the others because of its reliability and vast set of features which never disappoint the users when it comes to the socialization.

There are many amazingly great features of WhatsApp as it not only makes the application interesting but also make it a consistent and compact jetpack. The incomparably great hallmarks of the application are as follows:

A completely free application:

Android Application of WhatsApp stands out among many other social applications because of its one of the distinctive features that the application is completely free. All you need is an internet connection. It can work efficiently on your mobile data as well. So, text your friends and make calls without any charges or fees.

Exchange the multimedia without any hassle:

WhatsApp apk allows an individual to make the exchange of multimedia without any problem or hassle. You can easily send or receive distinctive types of multimedia ranging from documents to photos and videos to voice messages via this Android application.

Easy calling system:

APK of the WhatsApp comes in hand with a significant feature through which a person can make and receive calls easily without the need of any sort of phone number or charges. So, all you need to have is to make sure that you have access to the internet.

Chat with your friends in groups:

Android Application of WhatsApp allows an individual to make the connection with his or her respective friends via the feature of group chat. So, are you ready to reduce the distances among your all friends, together?

An amazing feature of WhatsApp web:

Application of WhatsApp ensures to provide its users with the best possible package of socialization. In order to make the application handy, the feature of WhatsApp app has been incremented which allows an individual to receive and send messages from the computer browser.

No hard work required for the usernames and all:

Latest versions of the WhatsApp believe in providing the best to its users. And for this purpose, you don’t have to bother yourself about the usernames and all because WhatsApp has a direct link with your address book which integrates the numbers on your phone directly to the application.

Stay logged in always and make quick connections:

The application WhatsApp saves you from the tough time of logging in and logging out again and again. So, your WhatsApp account remains logged-in in order to make sure that you do not miss any of the messages or calls. Also, you don’t have to worry about making the connections with any of the members from your phone book as the Android Application of WhatsApp automatically connect your contacts on phone with the platform of WhatsApp.

Don’t miss any message under any case:

Android Application of WhatsApp makes sure that an individual never misses any of his or her respective messages. In order to implement this feature practically, the application ensures that you receive all the messages even those which were sent at the time when you were offline. So, the WhatsApp application saves those respective messages and notify you about them as soon as you turn on your internet connection.

The hallmarks are limitless:

WhatsApp APK is a complete and all-rounder Android application with respect to social grounds. It has numerous features to enumerate you can share your live location as well as make the customization of aspects like setting up a custom wallpaper to changing the notification sounds, exchange the contacts and a lot more.


  • It is to be kept in mind that the Android Application of WhatsApp does not provide its users with the facility of emergency calls. You cannot dial the emergency numbers from the platform of WhatsApp.
  • Android application cannot function without access to the internet. So, make sure that for the proper functioning of an application you are having internet access.

Download the WhatsApp apk for Android now along with the WhatsApp new update and enjoy its unlimited features. Indeed, it is one of the trending social platforms for example android application of Facebook (link), trending application of Instagram (link), interesting app of Snap Chat (link) and many more.

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Why should you download the application from our platform?

Because we provide you the following:

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One important point we want to mention is that the applications hosted here have been taken from the websites of their respective owners and we hold no liability of their privacy policies likewise we provide free android apk without any modification (extras, hacks and cheats etc.). Thanks.

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