Zombie Hunter Sniper

Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse Sniper Shooting Game

Are you interested in horror and thrilling game that requires strategy and precision? If yes, then I will recommend you zombie hunter, best horror-thriller game for Android.

You break into the city of the dead.

Try to survive the apocalypse horror.

Hunt the creepy zombies, bring death to the dead

Unable to reload the sniper,


Kill zombies before the time ends and survive missions of apocalypse action in this free yet terrifying zombie hunter: apocalypse sniper shooting game.

The zombie apocalypse began after an ampoule of virus dropped in a secret laboratory. You are a survivor of a pandemic infection. In spite of military lockdown, in a few minutes the pandemic infection breakout. Zombies walk among us! The living dead are hunting humans to feed themselves. As an elite trained gunman, you have experience in shooting range. You have to escape your shelter and have to turn into a Zombie Hunter, as it is your only hope for survival in this zombie apocalypse. Travel by apocalypse wasteland, Keep your finger on the dead trigger, survive and shoot to every zombie living dead!

Choose the best sniper rifle, load bullets, and shoot zombies before they attack the survivors. Decide your target, aim for a headshot, and hunt down all the zombies in your way. Become the best sniper defending the frontline, defend helpless victims in this zombie’s apocalypse by shooting before they transform too.

Zombie hunter is a survival game where you have to save the world by killing zombie gangs. It is quite an addictive game with a scary sound effect and a suitable atmosphere. The tactics are quite perceivable, and you will get and learn it soon. You have to complete several missions of apocalypse survival action and have to kill zombies before the time ends.

With amazing graphics, the game can also be played offline. If you like to play alone without any disturbance or want to compete with friends, it’s your own choice! Use your skills and stop the zombie undead plague infection. The best prevailing living dead is waiting for you! Get ready to fight against the forces of evil!

This shooting game has an overall of 10 missions, by completing one you can unlock the second one. The Current Version of this game is 3.0.10. It provides a wider world to explore and have 12 different types of weapons which can be upgraded with time.

Zombie Hunter Shooting Game VS Dead Target Shooting Game

The main concept and storyline of both games are much similar. In both zombies shooting games a virus infection breakout in the city, dead men are roaming; you have kill zombies and have to save the world from them.  The zombie hunter is scary with a creepy soundtrack, full of mission based on time while the dead target is fearful of killing count. Both the games are free of cost but differ in missions, 3D graphics, and challenges. I would recommend you to once download both games and enjoy the thrill!

Zombie Hunter Shooting Game VS into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival

You will find both zombie survival games much different. You have to shoot zombies to save the world in zombie hunter shooting game but in the dead 2, you have to kill zombies to save your family. Into the dead 2 game tactics are easy but terrifying. It includes a fearful atmosphere to provide the scariest feelings. You will find into the dead more scary and thriller than a zombie hunter shooting game. You have to develop your skill into the dead 2 so that you can win special prizes. It also has many stages to unlock as compared to the zombie hunter shooting game.


  1. Fresh Missions and Maps

You have to travel to wasteland and kill zombies by your sniper rifle before the time ends. Every time you complete a mission, a new mission and map are unlocked. Each mission is tough and more challenging than the previous one.  Stop the zombie dead rising and save humanity. Be the last one to survive in the best zombie shooting games!

  1. Gameplay Modes

You have many modes to play Zombie Hunter which include Shoot zombie’s hordes, use dogs to help you to find treasures, unlock the weapon trial, defeat super zombie boss in special missions, and kill enemy squad. Choose your gameplay mode you want to play in.

  1. Shoot Zombies and Save the World

Once the infection breakout in the city, you are a sole survivor sniper, play your role and save humanity. Start killing zombies; you must be quick in this 3D free zombie sniper shooting game.

  1. Weapons Upgrade

While you are fighting a living dead army, you will need dozen of weapon options. Choose your favorite one: sniper rifles, assault rifles, crossbow, bazookas or machine guns and upgrade them!

  1. Spectacular 3D Graphics

You will be impressed by graphics, creepy soundtrack, and various gameplay. Real zombies roaming around, than ever! Zombie Hunter is the best apocalypse spine-chilling zombie game with full of action elements!

  1. Play Offline or Online!

Do you like zombie games online or offline? Now it’s your choice! Play Zombie Hunter wherever you want. Enjoy this wonderful action game with friends.


So, I think till now you will be cleared about the Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse Sniper Shooting Game. If you love to play a zombie shooting game with full of fun, thriller, and scary zombies, then this is good for you. Now you will be much curious to download the game and want to play. So don’t waste time and go ahead!

Zombies Hunter Sniper Latest Version 3.0.3

Zomibies Hunter Sniper (Size: 53 MB)

You can also go for Zombies Hunter Sniper apk download from: Playstore


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